“Commuted Sentence’ - Photos from the commute - one decade later

The invitation I sent out for this joint photo show.

While commuting for a large chunk of of the 2000’s I resorted to taking pictures of my commuter experience. Not just my experience… the unremarkable journey so many of us take 5 days a week to get to our desk jobs in NYC.

One decade since my 2007 show of these black and white photos, I must say, I have a much more civil and gentle commute to my newspaper design job in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

So I have to ask, how much better is the commute for you?

Are the new cars on the Metro North rail line making your daily slogs a happier experience?

Is I-95 still ruining your day?

What is the commute like today?

Children’s wear fashion illustrations

Pencil & watercolor fashion illustrations.

Did these illustrations (2 of 20) for a national children’s wear magazine. That was a while back when I was drawing product illustrations for nationally branded fashion products in the Manhattan Fashion District.

Using photos of the clothing and photos of children posing, I combined the visual information into portraits of kids posed in selected fashions.

Was living in Brooklyn then - when the rents were super inexpensive.

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